got54.gifWe can’t afford to be innocent
Stand up and face the enemy
It’s a do or die situation
We will be…

Czy wiecie, drodzy Zdesperowani Czytelnicy, że podczas pełni wzrasta ilość zbrodni i samobójstw?
Nyo to już wiecie, dlaczego nie przepadam za pełnią, o.
Niech chudnie, może i negatywnej energii w ludziach ubędzie.

Nie mam siły pisać, wykończyła mnie faza, którą zawdzięczam zaczytywaniu się teoriami Freuda. To na psychopedagogikę. Koledż demoralizuje nasze młode umysły i koniec, kropka.
Dlatego dziś dam upust memu uzależnieniu od testów…

The Dreaming Princess

Your head is in the clouds and you don’t feel like
coming back down to earth any time soon. You
have a very active imagination and may find
sometimes that you enjoy fantasy more than
reality. You are sweet and girlish, a loveable,
kind dreamer given to flights of fancy.

Role Models: The Princess of „The Frog

You are most likely to: Be enchanted by fairies
after falling asleep in the forest.

What Kind of Princess are You? – Beautiful Artwork (Original Music is BACK!!!)
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sea wicken
A sea wiccan watches over you. You are an
unpredictable human being. Your emotions
fluctuate like waves and your mind swims
swiftly with thoughts and fantasies. You are
smart, but you have trouble paying attention.
You’re a big fish in a small pond. Your sea
wicken may not always be by your side, but she
is always watching over you. With her magic,
she is always protecting you. When you are in
the water, nothing can harm you. Water is your
safest haven.

Who is your soul guardian?
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You're Nikolette!
Good for you! You’re Nikolette, the girl with guts
:D. You probably love water, are quite cynical
but yet good mannered and brave. You are a very
good friend, but sometimes you don’t let your
feelings go out… And you’re the one who
everybody respects.

Which ‚Waterfall of Tears’ (my fick :P) character are you?
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…a następnym razem, specjalnie dla pewnej fanki Gwiezdnych Wojen, będzie przeciek >:3